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Business Owners

No matter what your age, retirement planning is an essential part of your overall financial plan. Whether you are 35 or 75, own a thriving business or lead a major corporation, decisions and plans you make now will influence your lifestyle in the future. Your chances of continuing to live the life you want in retirement will be largely determined by how well you plan and preserve your retirement income today. As an expert in your field, you’ve spent your life building something worth protecting and it’s our job to help shield and grow the fruits of that success. 

At Hunter Financial Advisors, wealth accumulation, executive retirement planning and advanced strategies are at the forefront of our expertise. Our advisors provide a comprehensive approach to retirement planning, through all phases and including the following objectives:

  • Increase and preserve your wealth by implementing investment strategies and solutions;
  • Maximize the money you save and invest for your future while minimizing taxes;
  • Make wise decisions about your retirement accounts and plan your distribution strategy as you near retirement for now that you are retired;
  • Preserve, protect and continue to grow your assets after retirement to ensure you’ll live comfortably and leave your loved ones a lasting legacy of financial security; and
  • Develop a detailed succession plan that meets your business and personal needs, whether you are selling your business or passing it on to a family member, employee or other organization.