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Planning Services

At Hunter Financial Advisors Inc, we provide assistance in the following areas:


Estate planning allows clients to develop the framework for the orderly disposition and transition of assets to a spouse or other heirs. It also ensures that a structure is in place that minimizes the ramifications of estate taxes and maximizes the assets that clients retain for distribution to future generations. The services provided by the firm center around legal and accounting-based activities, including:

  • Review of will and trust documents
  • Quantitative analysis of current and future estate tax liabilities
  • Qualitative review of clients’ current estate plans and the goals and objectives as they relate to the disposition of their business, investments, real estate and personal assets
  • Recommendations for revised estate plan structure based on accomplishing specific goals and objectives, including identifying ways to freeze or reduce estate value and minimize tax liability


The ability to preserve assets is directly linked to the ability to accumulate wealth. That which is preserved continues to generate wealth. It is this inextricable link that makes wealth accumulation planning one of the primary services that the firm offers to its clients. Hunter Financial Advisors Inc. is experienced in developing and monitoring investment portfolios to help accomplish specific objectives related to wealth accumulation. Overall, this includes the following activities:

  • Quantitative analysis of retirement and wealth accumulation goals and objectives
  • Development of strategies targeted to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Implementation of those strategies.
  • Ongoing plan and portfolio monitoring which includes:
    • A critique of current asset allocation as it relates to real rates of return under the Dominant Benefit Theory. This is an investment concept that projects rates of return relative to inflation over long periods of time. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.
    • A cash flow/ retirement analysis to determine if current asset allocation is sufficient to fund future needs for living and estate planning
    • Recommendations on reallocation of existing assets using the Dominant Benefit Theory, and the impact of reallocation on current and future requirements


Business owners understand their business better than anyone. This understanding enables them to deliver products or services addressing their clients’ specific requirements. Their success is tied to this insight. Similarly, representatives of Hunter Financial Advisors Inc. understand the business of financial planning. We provide guidance and solutions to business owners seeking to increase their control over their financial future and create value that endures over time. The services that the firm provides to business owners fall into two main categories: business continuity planning and fringe benefit planning.


The firm’s business continuity services provide a framework ensuring the orderly disposition or succession of a business entity to shareholders, partners and future generations during life, death and disability.

We specialize in the following activities:

  • Review and analysis of current buy-sell agreements and their effect on the disposition of the business entity
  • Ensuring compliance with current tax laws
  • Developing recommendations and alternatives to solving current succession problems


A business owner’s success is directly linked to the quality of management staff that can be recruited and retained. Fringe benefits are a vehicle that helps achieve this objective and serve as a conduit through which business owners can accumulate assets on a tax-favored or tax-deferred basis through the use of a business entity. Hunter Financial Advisors Inc. assesses employee and executive benefit programs for their long-term financial validity and ensures that the programs meet qualitative objectives. Analysis and recommendations can be made in the following areas: · Group health and disability programs · Key person coverage, including key-person disability and life plans · Qualified benefit plans · Non-qualified executive benefits and compensation programs


This area of service encompasses all quadrants of a comprehensive financial plan and unifies plans into a single document with which to navigate financial affairs. We assist clients in consolidating financial plans related to business, wealth accumulation and estate planning.

Activities include:

  • A thorough analysis of existing plans
  • Development of short and long-term plans addressing objectives in relevant areas identified by clients
  • Consultation with client advisors to facilitate changes in will and trust documents, allocation of assets, business agreements and pensions and implementation of new product purchases through independent financial advisory/registered representative staff.


Financial planning is the discipline of preparing for the future. It is establishing a framework that identifies financial goals, as well as the means to help clients accomplish their short-term and long-term objectives, and thus, create or preserve wealth. The approach taken by representatives of Hunter Financial Advisors Inc. to help accomplish these objectives differentiates us from other financial organizations. It is an integrated, independent, individualized and ongoing approach. These concepts help to separate us from others and distinguish our representatives as leaders in the increasingly complex world of financial planning and management.


Financial planning is a process that involves insight in a number of areas, and thus, requires input from a variety of professionals such as CPAs, tax and estate attorneys, insurance and investment professionals, benefits experts and business planners. We work closely with a network of professionals that can help clients structure and implement financial plans that address relevant tax, insurance and business considerations, as well as legal issues, benefits related questions and other key areas. We work together with the team of professionals with whom the clients have established long-term relationships. From the client’s perspective, this ensures that long-established relationships remain intact and continuity is maintained.


Representatives of Hunter Financial Advisors have relationships, through their Broker Dealer, First Allied Securities Inc., with a multitude of different investment companies and insurance companies as well as separate relationships with many life and health insurance companies and pension and qualified plan experts. This independent approach ensures that the financial instruments and strategies that we recommend are selected for their appropriateness.


There is no single formula for an effective financial plan. What is appropriate for one client may not achieve the desired results for another. We understand this and adopted the philosophy that a financial plan must reflect clients’ individual tolerances, biases and objectives. Thus, we work closely with clients to identify specific objectives and to put in place the best plan to help accomplish those objectives, using the proper financial instruments. This belief guides every step taken in the financial planning and monitoring process. It is also why we encourage client involvement in all aspects of the planning process. A client that is actively engaged in the process is one with a greater understanding of his or her own goals and objectives. This, in turn, maximizes the value that we bring to our clients.


Effective financial planning is a process. It is not a once in a -lifetime activity. No financial plan can work effectively if it is not flexible and responsive to changing conditions- whether those changes relate to market fluctuations, changes in tax laws or personal goals that have evolved. Thus, as conditions change, we assess the plans in place and make appropriate adjustments. Like a road map, a plan is effective only when it continues to guide clients in the direction they want to move. In light of this, we encourage reviews of all plans on at least an annual basis.